Facet Joint Arthritis Symptoms

It may seem overly simplified, but the most common symptom of Facet Joint Arthritis is pain. Unlike other types of back pain that include nerve pain, Facet Joint Arthritis usually involves a mechanical pain. This mechanical pain is the result of the bones of the facet join wearing against one another.

Many people find that their pain is worse after sleeping or laying on their back. Due to the nature of the facet joints, which provide stability in the backward bending of the spinal column, it is also very common to feel pain either when twisting or bending backwards.

Facet Joint Arthritis pain may manifest itself throughout the spinal column. However, the most common area of complaint seems to be in the lumbar (lower back) region. Typically, this pain, due to the mechanical nature of it’s origin, does not radiate down the legs or into the buttocks. In less common cases, there may be bone spurs that have developed that can cause the pain to radiate as the nerves are impacted directly.